Python programming Online Training
    What is Python
    Python is most efficient programming language ever. It is easy to learn and fun to work with. From the global giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook to millions of local start-ups use Python. There are more than a million job opportunities for people who master this programming language
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    Introduction to Python course
    Discover the magic of programming with Python. This free introductory course is ideal for beginners who have no knowledge of programming. It covers all the basic fundamentals of Python. After completion of the course, you will be eligible for the 'Advanced concepts of Python Programming' certification course that will make you a professional Python specialist.

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    Learn from the industry experts
    Instructor: Prof. Raju VVLP (30 years industry and teaching experience)
    Duration: Two months (First month theory classes and second month live project)
    Timings: one hour per weekdayday (Mon, Tue, Wed and Thu) or five hour per week-end days.
    Delivery: You need a computer and a broadband internet connection as the course will be delivered in a virtual classroom setting. This is a web-based, instructor-led interactive class
    Expert faculty

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    How to register for the course
    Fee: Free (Each student need to pay a deposit of $100 and the entire deposit will be refunded at the completion of the course. Even if the student misses classes, assignments and project, the deposit will be refunded. Under any circumstance, the deposit will be refunded)
    Payment: After you find your suitable timings and batch, we will send you the instructions on how to pay your deposit and register
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